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[Wi-fi connection service]
The Free Wi-Fi (FREESPOT) is available in the some guest rooms and the halls.
Lodging in the midst of the great nature
The world class large capacity open spa is located on Osenkaku and upstream of Tonaegawa. It follows the stream of Takaraga into the beautiful lodging inside the great nature.
It is a hidden hot spa in Gunma, but traffic of people is endless due to television and magazine advertisements.
Main hall suites
Established in 1955 - All built with old pine tree
#1 annex
Established in 1936 - 2nd floor built with wood
East building
Established in 1966 - built with iron and concrete

* Service items, Hand, shower towel(2/ladies), toothbrush, shampoo, rinse, body wash, shaver, comb, shower cap, choices of Yukata, Danjen, dryer
* Check-in 14:00 Check-out 10:00

Facility introduction

Main hall Wooden (All built by old pine tree) 3 floors
1st floor 6 guest suites(6 with washrooms)
2nd floor 5 guest suites(5 with washrooms)
3rd floor 5 guest suites(5 with washrooms)
All suites with living-room heating system

#1 annex wooden 2 storey building
1st floor 3 guest suites
2nd floor 3 guest suites
All suites with living-room heating system

East building iron/concrete 5 storey building
1st floor - 4 banquet halls
2 large shower rooms(man1 woman1)morning hall
2nd floor - 6 guest suites
(5 suites with bath tub, 1 suite with washroom)
3rd floor front lobby
1 guest suite(room with washroom)free spot
4th floor 8 guest suites(all suites with washrooms)
5th floor 6 guest suites(all suites with washrooms)
Banquet hall

Old building wooden
Kitchen Chikutei

Floor plan & Elevation
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